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The goal of our company is to provide the most professional, complete, and first-class sales and marketing representation to the best pet supply manufacturers in our Industry. We accomplish this through: presentation, follow up, marketing, direct sales, and training to all pet distributors and direct buying retailers in the Midwest. Nobis Sales and Marketing employs the most professional sales team of any independent sales group in the Country.

Nobis Sales and Marketing’s current staff consists of five people covering fourteen Midwestern states. We have hand picked professional college graduates to fill all positions within our company. Most importantly, all Nobis employees detail stores within our geographic area.

Nobis Sales and Marketing has earned a reputation as the premier independent pet representative group in the Midwest. We have fewer lines than any other rep group.

Nobis Sales and Marketing has the pulse of the distributor. We communicate with our buyers frequently for information passage; we know exactly what is going on in their building and in their market.

Nobis Sales and Marketing differentiates itself from the other independent representatives by making detailing the primary method of product placement and marketing. Nobis Sales and Marketing promotes and sells the product from the beginning, the initial placement at the distributor, to the end, placement to the independent or direct buying retailer.

Most Importantly, Nobis people always “ask for the order”. It’s our trademark.

what sets us apart

What does Nobis bring to the table?

Professional sales team of 5 people servicing 14 states

Quarterly sales calls to ALL key dealers in the Midwest

Work with all distributor sales people monthly

Distributor Sales Force meeting representation

Distributor Inside and Outside Sales Blitzes

Everyday detailing of the independent pet stores

Customized dealer order forms

Custom mailings to all customers

Email blasts to all of your buyers

Budgeting and Forecasting

Someone for your customers to go to without interrupting your busy schedule

Full time office staff

Teamwork - we work with you to ensure you have your best foot forward at all times

5 minds instead of 1---new ideas, new perspective

Over 75 years combined experience in the pet industry

Quarterly training meetings for our employees to maintain and expand our knowledge and professionalism


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519 Windsor Park Drive
Dayton, OH, 45459, US

About us

Nobis Sales and Marketing provides the most professional, complete, and first-class sales and marketing representation to the best pet supply manufacturers in our industry, servicing independent pet stores throughout the Midwest.

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